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Understanding Customer’s needs

Quality, price, packing, branding, legal issues, environmental issues, deadlines

Verified Sourcing

Sourcing from verified and trustworthy manufacturers in terms of quality, capability, maintenance, inspection and other services

Shipping & Delivery

Generating import /export documents in compliance with the country law, booking freight and following up with the customers and other relevant stakeholders.

TradeGo Limited

TradeGo Limited looks after the global sourcing and supply for any organisation located anywhere over the globe. In this globalized age, products are in need of being quality standard at competitive price for high street retailers, wholesalers and other heavy (bulk) users to be competitive in gaining market share. Keeping such issues in practices and principles TradeGo provides all supports of finding out right products from right suppliers at right price within right time limit with all other right services.

Many organisations regularly rely over the local wholesalers / suppliers for bulk purchase to meet the needs and demands of their stakeholders (e.g. customers). Using the sourcing and importing services of TradeGo Limited these companies may save up to 50% of their purchasing expenses and go for quality and personalised products, thus can rule over bigger market being market leader with quality & customized products at much better price.

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